New 3 generation fully completed Rotax Max Evo engines

Price: Micro Max Eur 1800,-; Mini Max Eur 2280,-; Junior Max Eur 2280,-; Senior Max Eur 2460,-; DD2 Max Eur 2905,-

Kart trolley with mechanical, semi automatic (need 20Nm screwdriver) and fully automatic operation. New – Team Lift kart trolley. Kart tyre changer (electrical).
Kart trolley video 1, enter here; video 2, enter here; video 3, enter here; video 4, enter here;
Kart tyre changer video, enter here;

Price for kart trolley depend from model and start from Eur 325,-*, Price for kart tyre changer: Eur 438,-*

Steering wheel hub inclined

Price: Eur 35,-*

Steering column support

Price: Eur 7,-*

Front spoiler sticker kit

Price: Eur 50,-*

New Rotax Junior engine exhaust port horizontal/vertical checking template

Price: Eur 20,-*

Water temperature sensor M5

Price: Eur 70,-*

AIM MyChron 4/5 water temperature sensor extension cable

Price: Eur 30,-*

Set of front bumper holder (CIK-FIA approved)

Price: Eur 20,-*

Laser equipment:
Sniper V2 Inox kart laser tool, for 17-25-40 mm stub axle
Price: Eur 240,-*

Laser tool for chain alignment of 219 sprockets (4 mm wide)
Price: Eur 55,-*

Rotax engine rebuild Eur 80,-* + spare parts. After engine rebuilding we can make „run in” procedure on engine test bench 3×15 min./Eur 50,-*, in order not to loose your time on the race track

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*All prices excl. VAT. All images are only for information. Manufacturers reserves the right to make changes without any notice.